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Our Farm Queen Nyema, Director of Nurturing Roots introduced TSTF to Sophia of Farmer Frog in the summer of 2020. We’ve worked closely together to provide food in the gaps of our hard-to-reach communities across King County. The Silent Task Force has partnered with RIZP/Skyway Food Pantry to ensure we can continue to we serve hundreds of folks weekly in the Skyway community. TSTF believes in putting the B back in IPOC by building relationships in black and brown communities across King County to help provide food and basic needs support.

Coordinating pick-up of produce and other food items from local farms, co-ops, and farmers.

– Coordinating deliveries and managing safe and equitable distribution to displaced brown/black communities at cultural gathering places across South King County.
– We have delivered over 7 tons of food since we started in May and are still going strong.
– Our researchers are a part of food distribution in the communities that they live in.
– We are all applying the connections and networks that we collectively share to serve the needs of black/brown individuals and families.
– We have created a survey that helps us to understand the specific needs of our constituents and to collect the data that will benefit and better illustrate the needs of our people.

The Silent Task Force Traveling Food Pantry

The Silent Task Force is excited to share with you one of current efforts that aims to support you and your family. While our Food as Medicine Project started in November 2021, we will expand the services associated with this project in January 2022. In partnership with The Urban Food Systems Pact the Silent Task Force will focus on putting the B back in IPOC by intentionally providing culturally specific fresh food, education, and information on a bi-weekly basis. The collage above was created from 11.09.21 until mid-summer months of 2022. Our numbers today are 320,000 pounds of food that has been distributed throughout King County to multiple churches, disabled, displaced, elders, youth, and families. We are grateful for our community partners such as the Creston Point Apartments, Urban Family, Greentree Apartments, Park Hill Apartments and Into His Chamber Ministries in Federal Way, Faith Tabernacle in , and Restoration House in Skyway. Without them this effort would be virtually impossible.

FOOD as MEDICINE PROGRAM 2022 SCHEDULE Traveling Food Pantry

Apartment Home Community Partners

Creston Point Apartments

Delivery/Distribution - 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month
13445 Martin Luther King Jr Way S,
Seattle, WA 98178
At 3pm - 6pm
Partners - Creston Point Community
Engagement - Renae
Urban Families - Sherirea

Greentree/Park Hill Apartments

- 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
6900 South 125th Street
Seattle, WA 98178
At 3pm - 6pm
Partners - Ms. Jeanetta
- Management

Jackson Apartments

- 2nd and 4th Friday of the month 2401 S Jackson St,
Seattle, WA 98144
At 3pm - 6pm
Partners - Karl Ingram

Faith-based Community Partners

Our faith-based organization partners delivery to their local communities and many other faith-based organizations.
Please click organization names to visit their website or call them at the numbers below to find out more.

Urban Food Systems Pact

The Urban Food Systems Pact (UFSP) is a Black- and women-led collective of Community Members, Faith-Based Leaders, Black and Brown Farmers, Community Based Organizations, and the Renton School District that is hosted by the Skyway Envision Center.

Our Collective Impact Aims

Common Agenda – We have come together around shared goals for an equitable and just food system.
Shared Measurement – We are identifying metrics to help us measure progress toward our goals.
Mutually Reinforcing Activities – We are a network of organizations and individuals taking mutually reinforcing actions to support our common agenda.
Continuous Communication – We are committed to ongoing, transparent communication across our partnership.
Backbone Organizations – Our collective impact is supported by the “backbone” of our Core Team.

Core Team Reps

2021-2022 We Feed Washington - Dept. of Agriculture

Our purpose is to facilitate the procurement and distribution of emergency food boxes and/or food box equivalents across King County & South King County serving black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) and other socially disadvantaged communities as directed by the Washington State legislature. In doing so we are able ensure our boxes are healthy fruits, vegetables and is culturally specific to BIPOC communities!
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